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Handheld Shower with Integrated Body Wash and Shampoo Dispenser


Revolutionize Your Shower Experience!

The All-in-One Shower Solution

Showermix is the first handheld shower to incorporate interchangeable cartridges for body wash and shampoo. The system skillfully leverages water flow to dissolve the concentrated product, mix it with water, and disperse it through the showerhead, obviating the need to halt your shower to reach for body wash or shampoo.

ShowerMix provides a comprehensive all-in-one solution, ensuring a simple and comfortable bathing experience. This innovative product effortlessly integrates with current conventional shower installations without requiring any modifications.

Patented System

Interchangeable Cartridges

ShowerMix is equipped with independent cartridges for body wash and shampoo, ingeniously positioned within the showerhead. These cartridges are interconnected via channels to the mixing valve housed within the handheld shower unit.


The system employs ultra-concentrated bases of shampoo and body wash, requiring merely a small amount for effective use. The product is dissolved in the water, generating abundant foam for a comfortable and optimally efficient bathing experience without waste.


Alternatively, the cartridges can be refilled for reuse, minimizing material usage and enabling users to conveniently select their preferred shampoo or body wash.

How ShowerMix Works

Instant Foam

Our patented system employs a valve utilizing the Venturi effect, leveraging the shower's own water flow to create the suction needed to extract body wash or shampoo from the cartridges. 


What is the Venturi Effect?


The Venturi effect refers to the reduction in fluid pressure that results when a fluid flows through a narrowed section of a pipeline. This pressure reduction creates a suction effect in the channels located directly in the narrower section.


ShowerMix maximizes this fluid dynamic capability by incorporating two channels connected to the body wash and shampoo cartridges. Thus, when water flow through the shower is activated, the necessary suction effect is generated to extract the products from their respective cartridges.

Flow Valves


To facilitate a comfortable shower, the ShowerMix handheld unit is equipped with two push-type valves, allowing a gentle press to release the required amount for an optimal mixture of the product (body wash or shampoo) with the circulating water.


The innovative system creates an ideal mixture of the products, generating abundant foam necessary for the perfect bath with just a small amount of body wash or shampoo. It's an eco-friendly system that reduces the waste of soaps and water in daily showers.

vista baño showermix
vista baño showermix

A Step Forward in Personal Care


Offer a unique and comfortable shower experience for guests while optimizing operational costs.

Healthcare Facilities

Provide ease of use, safety, and autonomy for patients with mobility restrictions.

Gyms and Sports Centers

Offer instant access to hygiene products and the convenience of not having to bring your own bottles.


Simplify bath time in households with children, offering an all-in-one solution without spills or mess.

Showermix has a worldwide patent in force. The patent exploitation rights are available for negotiation or licensing. This is a great opportunity for investors or companies looking for new markets with innovative products.

If you are interested in obtaining more detailed information about exploitation and distribution rights, please contact us through the form below or write to us at

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